Contract Negotiation

ASI will provide support and assistance in negotiating the most lucrative contracts for all of our clients. With an affiliation with a highly reputable sports specific law firm, we will assist in negotiating new contracts, contract renewals, loan deals and any other contractual circumstances that may arise. We ensure that all our clients receive the most professional service in the most efficient time possible.


Career Management

Once a player has signed a professional contract, ASI will represent its client for the duration of the contract negotiated between both parties. Management Services provided by ASI: 

• Continuous Contract Negotiations
• Sourcing Opportunities
• Legal Representation
• Support and assist players in any club dispute and/or disciplinary procedures
• Sourcing Endorsements & Sponsorship Deals
• Life After Football & Alternative Careers

Lifestyle Management

Throughout a player’s career, we will provide continuous advice, guidance and support to ensure each player fulfills his potential at all times. ASI supports its players with:

• Referral to appropriate professional services when purchasing property
• Support when moving and settling in new areas/countries.
• Advice and guidance on nutrition, sleep, stress, spare time and family life
• Referral to trusted financial advisors for finance management and investment advice